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Shadown issue. Any one can help?

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    Shadown issue. Any one can help?

    Okay I have been having this issue for a while already. Only now I am more interested in fixing it.

    Why arent the shadows appearing like their supposed too ? The pics below shows what I mean.

    The pic below is before rebuilding lighting.

    The pic below is after building lighting.

    So any one knows why the shadows arent showing up ? Btw the trees are speedtree.

    Increase lightmap resolution on the surface where the shadows are being cast. If it's a BSP surface, in the surface's properties you have to put a smaller number into the lightmap size setting. If it's static mesh you have to use a bigger number.

    The shadows you have before building are preview shadows, they're supposed to go away. However, if you want realtime shadows, you can use cascaded shadow maps, there's an option for them in dominant directional light's properties. Set some good radius and number of shadow cascades/sheets.