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animating cascade materials to make fire w/ smoke

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    animating cascade materials to make fire w/ smoke

    I want to create a burning fire with smoke coming out out at the top. How do I animate the fire texture turning into smoke over time?

    I know how this sort of thing works in 3dsmax with pflow but how do I create this sort of effect with UDK's cascade?

    I know all the basics. I set up my fire & smoke emitters but the problem I'm having is though I can delay the timing of the smoke to start a little later then the fire it still emits from the same location in space?

    I'm thinking there must be some change particle material over the lifetime of the particle to achieve this effect but I can't seem to find it... what should I be looking for?

    You can use one of the location modules to change where the particles emit from. The Dyamic Parameter module can send data (up to 4 values) to the material to control it over time.