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Multiple Material Instances issue

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    Multiple Material Instances issue

    Hey guys/gals, so I am having an issue with having multiple material instances. So I am using the material from the long light bulb from the udk. I created a material instance constant that tell the material to be in the off position. Then I have it in matinee to go from off to on to off. It works perfectly in my game. But now I have a set of light bulbs that I want to start out RED. So i created ANOTHER material instance of the light bulb material and made the light color RED. When I apply the material instance to the static mesh it shows that the lightbulb is red. When I go into matinee to make the bulb go from red to green, the light bulbs goes white, to red, to green. I don't have the material going white at all and I don't know why it is doing it.

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Did you set it up correctly with the material instance actor? Made sure the material instance name is the correct one.
    Hope this helps
    You wouldn't happen to be doing the 3D buzz tutorials would you?