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Procedural Building Questions

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    Procedural Building Questions

    Hi guys!

    I'm trying to use thr ProcBuild to make a urban level, but sometimes the documentation is not really clear. Maybe you can clarify something

    1. The Quad Rule: I'm trying to create a flat face of the building by using the quad rule explained in the documentation ( but without any luck.
    I tried to do that by creating a variation on the face I want to be flat and then attaching the quad node at the end, instead of the mesh one, but I just get a transparent face.

    Any ideas?

    2. In the Building Stats window (in the content browser) there is the voice 'Instanced Triangles'....has that 'Instanced' a particular meaning for the triangles count? (I'm quite a noob)

    3. This is probably a silly question. Considering a level with no more than 50 building (not all visible at the same time), running on an average computer (I'm working on a Macbook pro 13", but I'll switch to a desktop soon), with no gameplay (it'll be just walkable) and keeping and acceptable level of details at least for the lower floors, how many triangles do you think a building should have (max)?