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Light shafts from wrong direction/orientation

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    Light shafts from wrong direction/orientation

    found a couple of threads with this mentioned but no actual solution I could determine.

    I am having issues with the lightshafts for my dominantdirectionallight never appearing to follow the actual direction of the DDlight... You can see from the shadow of the palm tree below that the DDlight is pointing towards the left of the screen but the light shafts are beaming through from just above the horizon straight ahead..

    When I move the DDlight the shafts move with it but still offset by a long way...

    Where have I failed?


    looks like its coming off the landmass in the background there, cause your kinda above the treeline



      yes.. it's coming from the horizon, straight ahead.. but should not be visible at all given where the DDlight source is pointing.

      Its done this since I installed.. even on a new map.

      shafts are always way off from the source direction :/

      Anyone had this or similar?


        Yea, apparently it's working as intended, but they're pretty useless for large maps imo. The lightshaft orientation is correct only when you stand at the origin of the map.
        This is when the camera is at the origin:

        This is when I moved the camera about 13 000 UU's to left:

        Though the lightshaft mask (the black part of the shaft component) seems to have proper orientation and direction, but the bloomy part of the shafts doesn't have.


          ahhhh.. Thanks!
          yeah the maps huge so that makes a lot of sense.
          well that's a shame/useless :/
          Any word on this being fixed up or suggestions on how to fake it to come from the light source? Cheers.


            bumping this as I am really stuck for a solution.. I'm guessing I'm not the fiirst person to make a large map in UDK and have some lightshafts. If someone experienced with this can point me in the right direction to have 'shafts come from the light source' it'd be appreciated. thanks!


              I'm experiencing issues with light shafts as well. I had success getting the right effect on a large map in UDK-2010-08, and I don't get even remotely the same effect in UDK-2010-12.

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