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Where can I download vctf Sandstorm map from?

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    Where can I download vctf Sandstorm map from?

    I have just started learning to use UDK via the official Epic Games tutes and have noticed that in my version (Latest January beta) the vctf Sandstorm map and dm Sanctuary map are missing.

    Where can I download the map from without having to download an entire previous version of the UDK and 'extract' the map out of it? Is it possible for someone running an older version to make the map available for download so I can use it to follow along in the tutes and use it to practise editing?


    To be honest, you'd be better off just getting the old version. I'd thought about this as well, but to be honest, unless Epic makes it an extra download, then it would be a lot of trouble for anyone to try to extract the maps, assets, and code and make it work with this version, or any future versions.

    If anyone wants to petition Epic they'd have my support


      Thanks for the reply Micah. So to best understand the official UDK videos, which version should I download? The 2009 November version?

      I don't care if I have to uninstall the latest version. The simple games I'll be making to get used to UDK probably won't need the latest version right?

      Will the 2009 version or whichever older version has Sandstorm and Sanctuary, run properly in Windows 7 like the January 2011 release is?


        You can have multiple versions of the UDK installed at one time, so there's no need to uninstall anything.

        The 2010-10 version has Sanctuary and Sandstorm. If I remember right, we gained the Night and Day map and lost Sanctuary in the 2010-11 version, and lost Sandstorm in the 2010-12 version for mobile development. I still wish we had access to the lost content through extra downloads or something, though.

        It's all good stuff, though. I'd suggest doing some learning in the older versions, but when you finally decide to create something of your own you should use whatever's the newest version at the time. You don't want to miss out on the extra features and bug fixes that are offered every month.

        I hope this helps.


          Download " VCTF-Sandstorm.udk "

          To anyone who wants " VCTF-Sandstorm.udk " you can download it from here: " " (not my site)
          Good luck with UDK!!!!


            You're replying to a two-year old thread.

            Also, you can't just import the map file, a significant proportion of the content packages to go with it are also not included. you might as well just download an old version of UDK.