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    Level Design Doc.

    Hey Guys,
    does anyone know where I can find a template to write a level design doc?


    I am about 60% of the way through this book
    It gives a whole guide and examples about how to create all useful game design documentation. It also covers tons of other useful topics if you are interested in any job in the video game industry.


      I just finished alot of pre-production material in the upcoming level in PAZE. This was my first LDD and other pre-production work so I'm not sure if I'm right, but other team members said it was great. What I included was:
      Gameplay- Is it an open map which suits tactics or run and gun nature?
      Art Direction- realistic? Fantasy? What colour composition is it going to have, materials etc
      Environment- what's it going to be? Natural, urban etc
      Lighting- what time of day etc ( I included this under art direction, but it can have it's own catagorie)
      Special notes- anything particular regarding to the level

      I also included a table showing the roadmap of the workflow to be taken: Preproduction work, block in, static mesh replacement etc, on the other column had a percent to say how much of it is done- etc

      Also be sure to add a comment section so people can voice the opinion and queries- make sure they include the date, who it was by and the comment.

      Hope this helps
      There's no set amount you have to write- to little docent do much but going over the top and people won't read it- or they'll skim read


        You can find some templates on google-docs.