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Modelling Maya 2011, export with ActorX, root bone??wtf

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    Modelling Maya 2011, export with ActorX, root bone??wtf


    Well i'm new to the UDK engine since today, used to work with 3d gamestudio a long time ago and also know a bit from torque. But right now i just wanted to mess around a little bit and i was reading how to start in the getting started manual. And also i just started learning Maya (I'm an expert in max but i wanna learn maya too) so basicly i got 2 programs now i dont know that well, and i just tryed to use actorX in Maya to export a model (just a basic simple model i wanted to test, to use as the environment, so not a character or anything that has to move itself. But when i try to export it in ActorX i keep getting the error "Failed to find root bone" i tryed to put a joint there but that didnt really work either. just wondering, did i miss something somewhere, cause putting bones in a environment which is never gonna move i dont really see a reason for that, maybe i shouldnt use actorX for environments and levels but only for characters, don't really get this way of exporting maybe someone can get me started!

    Thanks in advance (btw tryed to search the forum but couldnt really find such a big n00b as myself with udk....)

    Grtz Alexander

    AXMAIN is for skeletal meshes/characters/vehicles/weapons with bones

    AXMESH is for staticmeshes, so make sure you are using AXMESH to export your models.



      Thanks for the (fast) reply!!
      I knew something wasn't right about missing a root bone in a static mesh, dunno why they don't explain that in the getting started, or maybe i read the wrong part.


        Your welcome : P