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Static Mesh bleeding onto Terrain

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    Static Mesh bleeding onto Terrain

    Hey guys,

    I did some research on the Lighting in UDK but I cannot figure out what I did wrong. I have a Terrain-Actor, 1 Dominal Directional Light and the Static Meshes (Cliffs).

    Whenever I build the Lighting, the Static Meshes bleed onto the Terrain and produce these weird artifacts. If I increase the "Static Lighting Resolution" of the Terrain it's still the same.

    Could anyone give me a hint at what I'm doing wrong?

    Here are the bleeds.

    Maybe it's the Terrain's fault, that's stretched behind the Static Meshes?

    Thanks for your help : )

    I just increased the tesselation of the terrain which led to better results. Can this be the solution? I wanted to keep the tesselation fairly low, just 2 levels and not 3, coz I'm worried about the performance.
    But on the other hand, it's "just" a DM-Map for 4-6 players and not too big. Hm...

    That is the terrain's fault while it may be fixed by tessellating.... Don't just pull out the smooth brush and drag it across that area it will fix it.


      Thanks for your reply!

      I tried to "even" these areas out. But even with more tesselation and smoother edges, I still get the same bleeding artifacts.

      I think it's a problem of the lightmap, some thoughts:

      - Could the difference in polygons be responsible for that? the upper cap of the cliff mesh hasn't got that many polygons.

      - Is the layout of the cliff mesh's Lightmap UV affecting the terrain?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


        Have you tried self shadow only on the rocks or tried turning shadows off to see if that's the problem? It looks like shadows to me, but I could be misreading the images.


          thank you hitpawz!

          you're right, it's a problem of the shadows. Wehn i turn "cast shadows" off these artifacts disappear, but of course that's not a solution.

          Problem is, that the Cliff mesh casts shadows on the terrain with weird shapes, that eventually become visible. I've check maps like Sandstorm and they seem to have had the same problems on their terrains.

          I hope that doesn't mean one cannot solve this?