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Struggling with rain...

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    Struggling with rain...

    I'm never sure how to post on forums, and never entirely sure how to ask for help. So I'm sorry if this comes off as awkward.

    Basically, I have a level built. Enemies spawn where they should and pickups work as normal. Now I just have to things to complicate it. The first is an event where the player is in a building with an explosion. That I'm working on and I think I've cracked it.

    But the major one is rainfall. As the level is partly indoors I'm loathe to use a method that means the rain can always be seen. I've followed a couple of tutorials but they mainly end up confusing me. Not to mention I'm struggling with limiting ambient sounds on the y axis to a short distance while making it arge on the x.

    In short, can anyone show me a decent tutorial that would help me put rain in a level? I'm assuming it's some sort of particle thing, but the last time I worked with them it was in Lightwave and a long time ago.

    Thank you in advance for any help you have to offer me. It'll be greatly appreciated.

    Use the rain tutorials at udk central, you basically have to create a mesh made up of a bunch of planes, then you slap a rain material on it. There are plenty of tuts on how to make the material, but honestly, i was still confused until i got hourences environment effects DVD at that cleared everything right up!

    The only trick, if you're making an indoor and outdoor map is to shape the rain mesh so it doesn't clip into the interior and rain indoors!

    hope this helps!


      Planes probably are not the best choice for a rain mesh, I thought epic did well with the rain mesh design on the day/night map. You could design something similar or use theirs.

      As for clipping you can use depthbias in your material so that any edge it touches bleeds out.


        look up eat3d unreal development kit 2 - its the perfect tutorial, if you're willing to pay some money to support the creator. The person who made the tutorial shows you how to create a rain effect step-by-step. Not only that, but he gives you advice and ideas of other ways of doing it so that you can use the theory you learnt to do it a better way.


          In the december build their is a Rain particle system< as long as you have a good machine you should be able to tweak it to your needs