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How to Even start Building my own game?

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    How to Even start Building my own game?

    Hello. it's me nathan again.
    I've been looking at UDK for about 5 months now, but haven't really learnt how Epic decides to do things?

    Is there anyway i can create my own games like the one in this video:
    without vastly Changing UDK itself?
    i know, being a Lone Wolf, i with never get to the standard at what those games are in the video, but all i see UDK as, is a glorified Map editor.

    I don't see any options to create any custom gameplay apart from that of unreal?(Despite unreal being totally kick *** and all)

    Can ALL coding be done in Kismet?(if so, pretty amazing, if not, i know some javascript anyways.)

    And basically, i just want to know how to start?
    is there's a way, i can start 100% completely a fresh? or do i just vastly modify Unreal assets, into my own game?

    I'm sorry for all the question, but all the UDK projects i see are just Custom Unreal maps. i want to actually create a completely different game.

    i have already designed a part of it on Unity3D game engine, but i don't have the power on there, as i do on Unreal. thus the switch.

    thanks for any and all answers

    You can do anything your heart desires in UDK as long as you have the drive to do it.

    Start with the tutorials.


      Like MegaDeth said if you've got the know how you can do it in the UDK. Some things are harder than others but if you're completly new to gaming then do something basic to start like build a few rooms with a few of your own meshes then move onto something like an outdoor scene. Just to get used to it. Pretty similar workflow to unity aswell.

      Tutorials > Concept > Blockout > Design finer details > Texture > Import & configure > Finishing touches > Build

      Did you have much programming knowledge in Unity?


        The characters and enemies that come with UDK are pretty much unreal characters. You will have to know unreal script to change all of that. It's not the easiest thing in the world to get started with, but it's not impossible and like everybody's said, you can pretty much do anything you want with the right know-how.


          Thanks for your replies. I've already watched all the 3d buzz videos, and now i'm onto learning UScript. i've taken tutorials from this site :
          I hear uScript is a pleasure to code for... Seems like it is to!
          UDK is abit different to Unity... Unity is like ; "My first game engine", Now UDK is what i'm talking about! thanks guys!