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    noob questions

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and my first two hours with UDK so bear with my ignorance.

    I'm starting with something simple, I want to make a little spaceship fly through a tube a wormhole with turns etc, the camera following behind it and the controls being able to move the ship 360degress around the tube.

    I've created the wormhole mesh, assigned a material and I want the camera to travel inside it now ...


    1) how can I import a spline (camera path) that I have on my 3d app ? Does it work that way or is there a workaround ?

    2) How can I make a collision object for my wormhole tube ? the model is fairly complex for auto convex collision to solve...

    3) I thought of instead of using collision for the ship / tube, somehow to constrain it's movement to the path (same as camera path) and the tube radius.

    any help greatly appreciated !

    Those are not noob questions.

    1 - it is not possible in normal (supported) way, most likely you end up recreating it by hand in udk. There is some smal hope, make any spline in udk, then copy paste it to text editor, what you will see is snippet. It may have definition of spline, so all you need to do is script that turns your 3d app spline into text (ASE export then parse it). I have not tried this so i am not sure if it will work at all.

    2 - best way for such thing is to split your wormhole mesh into smaller one, then make collision for it. Also you want fly inside tube, so standard udk tools for auto collision will fail as them assume you want to be outside mesh. Try per poly collision instead (search this forum or udn)

    3 - no clue about this, some scripting required.

    Or you could forget collision, make your ship skeletal mesh that follows spline, and surface movment/rotating around would be animation of bone.


      Thanks for the reply Nawrot,

      I've been looking at tutorials and reading the F manual the past hours but I'm completely swamped.

      Splitting the mesh doesn't work because it caps the holes and even inside the tube creating small "pockets" ..or walls inside it english isn't good enough to describe it better ..sorry.

      Running the scene just let's me tilt the camera around but not move (fly the camera) inside the tube...

      I also get PlayerStart is not usable, has no paths, is not inside the navmesh & navigation point not on solid base, or too close to steep slope etc etc.

      Is there a way to make this static mesh (the tube) a navmesh ?
      Also could someone point me to some reading related to what I'm looking to do ? All I seem to find are examples for 1st/3rd person shooters and stuff like that

      Might be easier if you ignore all the above rant and give me some general/brief pointers-steps on how you would go about importing a closed 3d mesh of a tube (like a track) and have the camera fly inside it.

      thanks in advance!


        This is for 3d max:

        Simple loft made out of circle and spline:

        converted to editable poly, i deleted capping polygons, and selected some edges

        then loop them, split and detach each section to element.

        When you have those sections ready, place them gain at original spots so they make tube, move their all pivot points to 0,0,0 (this is important). Then use "keen's batch exporter" LINK HERE! to export all to ase.

        Now import all of them to udk, put on map in any spot, select them all and open properties ( F4 key ). then change their movement -> location property to 0,0,0 (reason for placing pivots in max). You should get your tube back together in udk.

        That is for making tube without collision. Creating collision for inside of tube is a bit more work.

        And look there:

        Collision workflow for one section.

        I creted second tube (this time with inner and outer surface) in lower detail than your visible tube, i think 4 sides for it will do just fine as collision. Split in same places as high res, visible tube.

        For UCX collision to work you need non convex meshes (ie. without holes). Udk can somehow handle collision meshes with holes, but results are really weird sometimes. Less complex collision shape means less chances of messing up by udk. I split collision mesh around red lines, gray lines are from visible tube mesh that i put in same spot as collision for it.

        This is exploded view of tube section and its 4 collision meshes. You need to bridge all open sides of collision meshes. This makes quite lot of work, you need to prepare 4 collision meshes for each tunell section, and you should split tunel lat every major turn to keep single meshes shape simple.

        When you have all sections with collision meshes, its time to export. Sadly kens batch exporter will not work for ucx meshes. So select one section with its 4 collision meshes. Name them (object names in max) for eg as: tubeA; UCX_tubeA_1; UCX_tubeA_2; UCX_tubeA_3; UCX_tubeA_4; Selet all 5 and export as tubeA.ase. Import to udk and check collision, if something messed you named them wrong (UCX - uppercase) or non convex shape kicked in and udk messed up.

        I told you it was not noob question and its lots of work for such simple idea. And yes all that is good practice for making meshes in max.

        Ps. when creating first tube make sure to apply uvs when its Loft before turning to poly, it saves much work later.