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    3ds Max to UDK

    Hi guys i have question about 3ds max how to export models from 3ds to UDK i many part. Before add material other elements.

    Export to .ASE format or .FBX for statics. Use ActorX plugin to export skeletalmeshes with bones.

    It depends on how many parts. If it's all under the polygon budget, you can select them all and export to one object. If it's too many polygons for one object, select a few, or one at a time if needed and export. The limit is pretty high on polygons, I've gotten away with 50k easy. I forget the actual limit, I think I remember something around 64k polys and anything higher failing to import. Try to keep a good average. For example, if the total polys is 120k, then split it into 6 20k pieces, or 12 10k pieces. Draw count matters, possibly more than poly count, so don't export 120k 1 poly objects. In UDK, you can reasseble it easy enough by copy/pasting the location properties under Movement. Just be sure to lock the properties window of the one you're copying the location from. It will line up perfectly.

    I hope I didn't misunderstand, but I'm assuming you said you know how to add materials.