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Player's Visual distance?

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    Player's Visual distance?

    Okay I'm using UDK to prototype the levels for a game.

    The level I'm working on is rather large and drops the FPS dramatically when static meshes are added.

    Is there any way that I can set it up to blur the background instead of fully rendering it or to just not display the distant part of the scene in the player's perspective?

    Thanks in advance!

    You could try playing with Precomputed Visibility and messing with the cell size. I have never tried this and have no idea what it might do, but it might be something that helps. What you're looking for is usually referred to as the "far clip plane" which would dictate how far away the objects are rendered.

    You probably need to follow some of the more fundamental rules of game design which dictate some basic things. You don't want huge flat open areas that are too large for the engine. Use rolling hills, objects to occlude the distance...etc. Basically block the view of far away. You should make good use of LOD's on objects. I believe there is a way to set the max viewable distance of an object, but I can't remember where or if that's true. If you can't just make it disappear at a distance, try adding a final LOD of a single triangle set below the world, which will render it invisible.

    You can blur the distance objects, but if anything this adds to the performance loss. You are looking for Depth of Field blur, which is found in World Properties - Post Processing. Combine this with fog and LOD's and generally avoiding large vistas and you should be able to keep a good framerate.


      Level streaming. Most games use that. Search it up!
      Basically it unloads certain sections of your map, then when you cross over it unloads the section where you just were and loads the new section
      Hope this helps


        The both of you are life savers! Thank you so much!