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Sharp rigid object collision with softbody

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    Sharp rigid object collision with softbody

    Hey everyone, I've done heaps of searching for this topic but have not found a solution. I've been playing around with the "jello cube" example from the 3dbuzz tutorial and it works really well. However, I want to be able to explore the idea of taking a sharp rigid object (a blade) and using it to poke the cube without it going right through it.
    I've messed around with all the softbody parameters like volume stiffness and stretch stiffness and density. I keep getting the same result of the sharp rigid object going right through. I've come up with two possible explanations:
    1. The current cube is not accurate enough to react to objects that are too small. If I use the side of the sharp object I can affect it without it going through.
    2. Rigid objects will theoretically poke through anything that is not rigid - due to its infinite stiffness. I will try to test this by replacing the blade with a soft-body version of it with a very high stiffness.

    I would like to hear anyone else's thoughts or ideas about this.