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A Couple Questions (First UDK Map)

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    A Couple Questions (First UDK Map)

    Hi, I'll make this as short and to the point as possible, and I want to thank everybody in advance for helping me with this and being such an awesome community.

    Okay, so I took a bunch of the 3DBuzz tutorials on getting started with UDK (I have officially had UDK for 6 days now xD). I became very excited and immediately decided to start on my own project (in a sense). As a first project and mostly a learning experience, I've decided to recreate/revamp schizoslayer's Quick UDK Game on YouTube. Here is the game that I am basing mine off of:

    (This series became what is now known as "Waves"). So far, in a few days work with a few hours a day (mostly figuring these things out lol), I've managed to come up with this:

    (Sorry, the framerate is a little low, not that bad though)

    As you can see, it's coming along pretty nicely. I just have a few problems I hope somebody could help me resolve.

    1. First and foremost, I need to make the player a rolling metal ball. This involves UnrealScript, of which I have no experience with. I've seen text-based tutorials that simply state "Just put this line of code into your 'UTFamilyInfo' file and it'll work fine". That never seems to work considering I don't know where to put the line of code in, and it always results in errors opening UDK. I have 3DS Max and have attempted creating a sphere, but I don't know how to make it rotate and move in the UDK. This is my current biggest issue.

    2. I would like to have little pickups, such as the light spheres in schizoslayer's video, that you must collect before advancing to the next stage. I also am unaware of how to do this. If somebody could shed some light on that, that would be great.

    3. Finally, if you look closely at my video, there are some lighting bugs. The shade of the orange texture changes from one BSP to another, dark to light, even if I have a light source shining on both BSPs. This is especially apparent at 24 seconds into the video, the two walls are different colors entirely. I am unaware of how to fix this as well.

    Thank you in advance for reading this and helping me out, I hope to become a part of this community and further my UDK skills.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Unfortunatly I don't know unreal script as well
    2. For the pickups, the collectables in the first video are an extension of a pick up class e.g health viral, armour etc. What you could do instead is use health virals which is located at View-browser windows- actor classes- pickup- health viral. I'm pretty sure that's correct, but I denfinarly know it's under actor classes.

    Now to male them pick it up before you proceed. I'm thinking in kismet, load the pickups as object. Create a bool comparison and a matinee sequence of doors opening. Connect it up so bool checks if player has collected virals, if true it will play matinee sequence.

    If you don't understand that (need a working knowledge of kismet) ^ I'll make one later today
    Also try checking out 3d buzz top down game. I'm pretty sure they have a set up which shows you this( haven't seen it but plan to soon.

    3. Where are your lights placed in your level? Move them around, If it changes that's your problem. If that dosent fix it go to your BSP brushes, press f4 to bring up properties and check to see if the lighting channels are all the same. Though I still think it's my first answer, postion of lights

    Hope this helps
    Yes it is an awesome community, just don't forget to give back


      Thank you for the fast reply. Is there any way I can change the model of the Health Vial?

      And yes, I'll contribute to the community whenever I can.



        The "Top-down Game Type" tutorial in the 3D Buzz section has a part where he goes through all the kismet for making the player pick up all 3 keys on the level before finishing. Might be what you're looking for in terms of the scripting part.


          Alright, cool. Thank you, I looked at those tutorials and that's essentially what I need.

          However, let's say I would like the object that is picked up to be a plain sphere. I looked and couldn't seem to find any completely plain sphere static meshes in the Content Browser. Would anybody by chance know how to export/import a sphere static mesh from 3DS Max to UDK?

          Thanks again for all the help!


            Sorry for the bump/double post, but I've run into another frustrating issue.

            I'm viewing the 3DBuzz tutorials on picking up the keys, and I'm using a sphere instead of a key, if that has any significance. I've wired the Kismet exactly the same way it does in the tutorial for all of my actors, however it isn't working when I test the game. Here's a screenshot. To give you an idea of what's happening, when the character walks over the Sphere/Toggleable light, they are both hidden from view to give the illusion that the player picked them up. The screenshot is right here:


            I made absolute sure that I was selecting the proper actors to hook it up to, yet when I walk over them in-game, neither of them disappear.

            Thanks in advance for dealing with a newb


              Make sure you gave your sphere collision.


                Are you referring to the option of the InterpActor itself, "Collision Type"?

                If so, should it be set to "COLLIDE_TouchAll"?

                Because it is, if not, what should I set it to?


                  Yep, make sure it is set to touch all. If it is a new static mesh, you would also have to set the collision to the mesh. Double click it in the content browser and at the bar for the top for the mesh editior, you should set a collision there as well.


                    Yet again, thank you for the reply.

                    However, this still doesn't seem to be working. I've uploaded another video and you can see my frustrations:


                    Any idea of what to do?



                      In the video, you said lighting fail. Have you rebuilt lighting yet? There's a message in the top left corner
                      Hope this helps


                        Yeah, I've rebuilt lighting after that recording to no avail, the BSP's still appear to be different colors.

                        I've moved the lights themselves around too, not working haha


                          Ok, so I just put together a quick test of this and I think I know what your problem is.

                          You have to make sure your interp actor is a mesh with collision, if you look it up in the content browser and it says "NO COLLISION MODEL" at the bottom of the thumbnail it won't work, even after you manually set the collision to touch all in it's properties. Also, make sure you select the toggleable version of the light in the actor classes otherwise the light won't work.


                            Yeah, I figured that was an issue too, however I looked in the content browser and the sphere I have does not say "NO COLLISION MODEL" along the bottom as alot of static meshes do. Thanks for trying that out though, it's beginning to frustrate me.

                            When I get home I'll try it with a default asset of UDK and see if that works. If it does, it's just a matter of configuring the static mesh correctly.


                            EDIT: That also reminds me, I'm absolutely sure that the light in UDK is toggleable and that also doesn't work, perhaps because it's kind of connected to the sphere static mesh in Kismet. That's something else I'll have to play with.

                            Thanks so much for all the help.


                              I would assume then that it has something to do with the collision setup on your sphere since it seems like you have everything else set up correctly.

                              Try double clicking your sphere in the content browser so you get the properties setup screen and at the top select "Collision>Sphere Simplified Collision" and then make sure "Use Simple Box Collision" and "Use Simple Line Collision" are off. Maybe that will set or reset your collision box properly. To see your collision box in the preview area click the box directly under the "L" in Tool at the top.

                              I just did that with the MeshSphere_02 static mesh that was originally a No Collision Model and now it works properly for the touch event you want.