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A point in the right direction (Static mesh terrain)

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    Hmm you need to uv map your mesh, if your terrain does not have steep surfaces, simple top down mapping will work.

    Then use RGBA masked material to blend up to 5 textures or use vertex color.

    And look there if you have not:

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  • started a topic A point in the right direction (Static mesh terrain)

    A point in the right direction (Static mesh terrain)

    Hi, I'm new to UDK and hoping for a point in the right direction, possibly a tutorial, to help me with creating static mesh terrain (I can't use the terrain editor as I'm planning to target the iOS platform).

    The game I'm creating is a (slightly offset) top down strategy game which will be using wide open areas as well as towns etc. Ideally I would like to use the terrain editor for the wide open areas but this is impossible due to the current limitations of the mobile, so my other choice is static meshes created in 3ds max. I have attempted a few tests to try and imitate the terrain in epic citadel but my success so far has been mixed.

    What I have been attempting to do is create a basic terrain in 3dsm with some roads, I have then assigned different materials using the polygon material assigning tool to the roads and main grassy areas. This has worked fine to an extent but the materials wont line up correctly and I'm having to do a lot of UV mapping to get everything to line up right which isn't what appears to have been done with the citadel terrain.

    So, any pointers would be brilliant, thanks!