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SpeedTree Problem?

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    SpeedTree Problem?

    I was just starting off and making a palm tree for a map of mine. I made a quick diffuse/normal texture for the bark. I made the material in SpeedTree and plugged it into the trunk in the Branches section. I did the same for the roots. Normally I just use that same material for the caps. When I tried to put the material into UDK, it gives me the error...

    "WARNING: This tree model is not valid for use with the UDK:
    2 branch material(s) in use plus 1 cap color set(s) in use exceeds the limit of 2"

    I've never had this problem before. Basically, I only have 1 material set up with a diffuse and normal. It put it on the roots, trunk and cap. Does anyone know why I get this error and what I can do to fix it without leaving part of the tree without a material? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I've run into the same problem before. It's a bug.

    1. Turn on all the geometry options on all your generators. (Fronds, Branches, and caps)
    2. Check to make sure everything is using your material and not "none." None counts as a material. (It shouldn't contribute to the material count if the geometry isn't turned on but that's the bug.)
    3. Turn off unwanted geometry again.