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Fluid Surface/Material Questions!

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    Fluid Surface/Material Questions!

    I'm trying to make some shallow water for a kind of lagoon/shore area. I'm using the Fluid Surface thing. I'm failing miserably at using the PixelDepth or DestDepth on Hourences tutorial. I'm trying to see how the water would look with some of the... color over depth/distance thing, so when you look down, it is clear and you can see the floor, but in the distance it has a bit of a teal/greenish-blue color. --> Just tweaked it some more now, got it semi-working. However, in the distance... the water turns bright neon green until I get closer to it. It is sort of working! Anyone know what I did wrong?
    (My material editor is messy, I'm still changing it around)

    Apparently that didn't come out too clearly. I can re-submit that image if it is too difficult to see.

    Another question! How can I get the Fluid Surface to not stop a projectile? I was in one of the options and changed some options, but none seemed to let the projectiles pass through. It would be neat if it would still make the ripple when it passes through. That brings me to the next question!!!

    There is an option in the Fluid Surface properties for a Projectile Impact type thing, for when a projectile hits the surface. It says to put a particle system in there. I selected a particle system and there is no noticeable particle effect when I shoot the surface.

    I would really appreciate some help with this. I'm probably just missing some buttons somewhere. Can anyone help me fix my water? It would be very helpful.

    Edit: In the material editor, when I'm zoomed in on the display object for the material, it is clear. The more I zoom out, the less translucent it becomes. That looks just right. In the actual game though, the water at a distance becomes neon green, or red, depending on what is underneath it. Any ideas?

    we need to take a closer look at your depth values, the ones you have plugged into the transparency setting. it looks like you are multiplying the two values, but I assure you that the equation is not that simple. if you could take either a higher resolution screen-shot or on zoomed closer to those nodes, I could help you out more.


      I was trying to follow this one here.

      Is this one zoomed in the right spot? O.o

      There are some other changes, but not related to this problem. I really hope I can get this working soon. Thanks for trying to help O.o

      Edit: The sphere on the side there works perfectly. Closer = clearer, further = ... more solid... stuff... It's the -other- objects that get messed up colors. The terrain underneath the water, the projectiles over the water(as long as the water is lined up with it)... hard to explain.


        I'll give you a bit of a hint: subtract the Pixel Depth from the Dest Depth then devide it by the number of Unreal units you want the water visibility, then run that number through a constant clamp set to >0 <1. If that does not generate the result you want, reverse the subtraction values.


          I will definitely try that! Thank you I guess it isn't nearly as simple as it looks in that tutorial O___o