What i'm trying to create is a four point path rather than the 2 points used in the tutorial.

What i've done is added extra object lists and related variables, updating the sequences to add the extra object variables.

I also replaced the 2-1 counter system he created with one that counts up to 4 and then back down to 1, so the bot repeats the path.

However the bot doesn't move.

Looking at different variables using the Log node as well as output comments, it looks like the sequence for the loop is working however the information stored in the variables is only making it to the path switch.

Looking at the Access Object List attached Object List in that section of the sequence the information is added initially but then immediately removed.

(I noticed that the image lacks a target for the Player bit on the Is Alive node, however this points to the '4PointBot' Object Var to handle someone killing that bot.)

Can anyone see anything in the sequence that might explain what is happening?