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Few technical doubts

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    Few technical doubts

    Hi, I'm actually starting to work on a Norse Landscape....can I know a few things?

    1) How do I make a physical grass in UDK? like 3Ds Max has Hair modifier, is there anything similar in UDK? and does it eat lot of memory? :P

    2) How do I make a ship actually look like its floating on water? As in, a body is not completely stable on water, it keeps moving up & down, so I have animate it in Matinee manually?

    3) Is it more feasible to make a landscape in 3Ds Max and import it in UDK or better to make a terrain in UDK itself?

    Hope for a quick n good response...


    btw, ye can see a very few models ov this artwork on:

    1) I'm not sure how to make grass, but I know this tutorial will tell you. I'm not sure it eats a whole lot of memory because I've never done it.

    2)I'm not sure.... I Use matinée for everything, so that's how would do it.

    3) Udk has great tools for making terrain. I'm sure you could make your terrain in Max, but it would a lot harder. Again, the tutorial,, will teach you everything you have to know about terrain. I got them from this website

    Good luck making your game. Feel free to ask questions, though I'm sure that terrain tutorial will cover everything, except for the ship.


      1. Was going to susgest deco layers, but they've been taken out in recent builds. What you could do is create grass in an external moddeling package, import etc or use the grass provided in the content browser. Unfortunatly you have to place it manually, as said before because deco layers have been removed.

      2.Your best bet as said by miatthas is to use matinee, because there is not set "Boat rocking animation" inside udk

      3. Now this comes down to personal preference,
      Static meshes as a terrain are better performance wise to height maps, there more versatile and will end up looking better then the heightmaps. But they take longer to produce and require more effort.

      So it's up to you
      Hope this helps


        Deco layers are still available.

        Anyways, this is one of the best terrain tutorials I came across:


          Hey Thanks a ton ye guys!

          I'll have to check up with the Deco layers for the grass..I'm using November build.

          I knew I'd have to do boat rockin in Matinee, but was just looking for a mid-way, as in Realflow style, where ye can automatically animate rigid bodies.....guess I asked too much there now :P

          Yea I guess I'll go with a terrain in 3Ds Max and import it. works faster for me.

          Hey I'm actually trying to make an Environment Designing Showreel to approach Game Studios. Can ye guys please help me with this? As in, do I have to give a shot breakdown or is it ok if I just display the environments with kickass BG score?