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Static Mesh gets crazy after import into UDK from Max

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    I just did some experimenting with ASE, combined all the objects into 1, so its a single mesh. Broke up the thing into 2 sub ID's and set materials to both, works perfect in MAX.

    Import it into UDK, looks like its going to work. Each sub-object has its own texture, but only the first texture works. I.e. if the left half is ID 1 (Which is Element 0 in Unreal), that texture works and the left half has the proper brick texture. When I change the texture on ID 2 (1 in Unreal), all it does is change the color of that part, it doesn't give me the actual material I'm pointing it to, even if I use the same material as the first. So basically, the whole mesh should be the same texture, yet only the first element uses the texture, whereas changing the texture on the second element just changes the color (one thing to note, depending on the texture I use, the color is different. My light concrete texture shows up as a light grey whereas my dark shows as a darker grey, so its like it knows what it is, but not completely)

    To further this, I broke it up into 4 Sub-objects, so there's 4 IDs on my MAX object. Set everything to different textures, works perfect. Import into Unreal, only 2 elements show up on mesh editor. Same problem as before where Element 1 in Unreal texture doesn't work. Element 0 works, and for some reason gets the ID from MAX of 1,3,4. So now, what should be seperate Mat ID's is now all combined into Element 0, whereas MAT ID #2, still has the color problem.

    I'm so confused.

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    not entirely sure whats going on there. to get materials to export properly with ASE just make one multi/sub material and use MaterialID's to get them to work properly, since ASE doesnt cope with multiple meshes well. best bet is roll it all into one mesh and use multi/sub object mats with mat ID's. since you're using FBX i cant be much help since i only use it for skels and thats a static

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  • Static Mesh gets crazy after import into UDK from Max

    I have a whole environment that someone made for me in max, it's got a ton of objects (like 600 something), and I can't seem to get it to import properly. I know the normal way to do it would be to export each piece of the environment and then rebuild it in UDK, but that would take forever, and I'm more curious to see if this works for future projects.

    I'm exporting via FBX (ASE actually works with this every now and then, but the materials never work for it on each piece, so this is out the window), I've tried both as a whole environment, and combining all 600 objects into 1 so I could just sub-object the materials, and it still does the same thing.

    On the export, this is what I'm getting in Max:
    The plug-in does not retain the orientation of Diagonals on Editable Poly objects. This could have an impact on modified UV coordinates. Refer to the Online Help for more information. The following objects are affected:

    (This is from me combining all objects into 1, if I export them all as separate, I get that same warning for like 100 of them)

    Here's a picture of what I'm exporting in Max:

    And the result in UDK:

    (Sorry about it being half blank, forgot I had dual monitor on when I took the picture)

    Any ideas on how I can fix this? I can easily fix the materials on this if I can just get it to stop discombobulating itself!