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Fire and Light

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    Fire and Light

    Hi all.

    Actually i got a question and i would need some kind of help:

    1) Is it in any way possible for a particle system to emit light? (I guess it wont, since this is a huge performance impact) The reason i ask is, i would like to shoot a fireball. Now imagine that you are in a dark cavern, the fireball would of course light the cavern as it progresses.
    If there's no way to emit light, how is this done? Would i have to code a new Actor thats spawnable and has a ParticleSystem and a Light?

    (that was the question part)

    2) Now imagine you are still in the cavern and there's a torch on the wall. There's a bit of wind too, so the light from the fire flickers...Has anyone yet been able to create a nice - looking light function for that? I tried for hours now and the only thing i have is a light material that would be great for simulating cloud-shadows, but not for fire. That may be cause i'm really bad at maths, so if someone could give me a most basic sample for a material to work from, i would really be grateful.

    thx in advance,

    Attach a light component to the particle system.

    Job done.


      for the flickering light, use a light function and attach a material to it:

      then inside the material use a sine function or perhaps something more complex (a sine multiplied by another sine that uses a different speed; etc, just get creative on it), in order to make the light flicker.
      either that, or make a light with a matinee on it, that changes its light values over time to cause the flicker.
      the first option is probably easier though