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creating terrains from GIS / elevation data

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    creating terrains from GIS / elevation data

    is there a way to create a terrain from GIS / elevation data (like, for example, from NASA's ASTER database?)

    some ideas...

    I am actually just trying to do this, with earth terrain first then Mars terrain eventually. So far I learned of a plug-in for Google Earth (the Global Digital Elevation Data plug-in is one and the other is this one

    they put a square overlay, 90km x 90km each i think, in a grid over the entire planet in Google Earth. These plug-ins worked for me the other day, and each square had data you could download. now they are not working because the extension's .kmz file it connects to, located here, is not accessible because the site/server is down

    like i said though it worked less then a week ago, not sure what is going on. anyways, that's how you can get the data easily when it works. converting it for use in the UDK is another story. the post i read that helped me with the rest was here

    also if you want elevation data now if those plug-ins don't work for you either (let me know if they do!) you can get it from the USGS site here (the earth explorer tool they have is cool