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Noob directional light question

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    Noob directional light question

    In the picture: a simple terrain and a single BSP mesh.

    there is only one light in the scene and that is a dominant directional light movable.

    I'm trying to get good shadows while rotating it. I'm new to UDK and I want to create a simple night and day map first.

    So, I have the rotation going with Matinee and all, but when light rays get close to horizontal, shadows start to flicker and get really weird.

    I can of course remove dynamic shadows, but then I won't get any shadows from my BSP's.

    This is probably some setting I don't know about. I played with the settings on the actual light, I also changed some settings on the terrain and the BSP.

    The only thing that seems to change the way those shadows look is the cascaded shadow setting. But all it does is decrease/increase shadow resolutions from what I've seen. And the flicker is the dynamis shadows glitching.

    So, what's the setting that I missed?

    Or do developers normally disable the dynamic light channels on these basic components and then add shadows to static meshes/foliage?

    I just tested this and got similar results, I found LightComponent.ShadowFilterQuality SFQ_Medium helped a little.

    With a much more fleshed out level its a lot less noticeable but it is still present.
    I'm curious what others will say.
    Also once you add a second light for the moon cycle and a skylight it should be even less noticeable.


      It it extremely annoying when it approaches a vertical point during the day, as my BSP brush has a similar effect. I also experience weird issues like random spots getting light everywhere, plants having a grainy flickering outline, the shadow being too low res or the opposite - grainy.

      Or whole walls can flicker in and out or get a circle with weird lines on it. All sorts of random things that shouldn't be happening.

      I can't get the settings right.

      The cascade shadow settings are the only ones that seem to change things, but they only make glitches appear different and not remove them..

      is the dominant directional light that glitchy?

      I also uploaded a copy of my map to mediafire.. But I don't know if it will work or not since I'm almost a complete noob to UDK.

      I tried to look at shadow/light documentation and trying to resolve this, but no dice!
      Someone must know the answer to this!

      Edit:By attaching the camera to the light and rotating it, I found out that the light start to flicker when the angle of the shadow gets close to infinity (or 0 , whatever works)

      The only solution I see is if shadows were blurred/faded/removed from BSP walls that are almost parallel to the light rays.
      But that will require either some hard coding or insane matinee set-up

      I'm trying to look at the example night and day map, but still no luck

      Using a skylight to help with night ambient lights helps by the way, but it's not related to shadows nor does it remove them...

      TL;DR - can't get settings right. Major glitching.


        The night and day test map has high walls so when the light gets to that harsh angle the shadows of the walls cover any possible problem areas.


          They also used static meshes for everything, no terrain, and they used several directional lights for some reason
          But I obviously can't make a wall high enough to cover a huge open world map, can I?

          In my map, I turn off the light via matinee before it gets to the glitches. But I can't do that to my BSP's unfortunately.