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    Shadow transparency

    Hi all! Im designing a map with UDK and got a little problem with shadows. The case is, I have a double floor building and have lots of meshes on both floors.
    Lights on the top floor environment has shadow projection on down floor's ceiling.. I tried lots of combinations of different lights and even added a csg on the layer of the floors intersection. But still there is a shadow transparency to the down floor from top..

    Top floor base :

    Down floor ceiling :

    Shall be appreciated for any precious ideas : ]


    No ideas about transparency?


      The reason this happens is because those shadows are modulated dynamic shadows. They are kinda cheaper version of dynamic shadows. Nothing will "block" them.

      You can use Normal shadows, which are more expensive and requires dynamic lights as well, but they do render properly. They behave like real shadows do. Or you could toggle the objects visibility based on where you are in the level so you just don't render the objects on top while you're at the bottom, which means you won't get shadow from those abjects below.

      I guess it depends what you need or what actually works out for you.