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Cannot see collision meshes

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    and delete this line:

    and then full recompile!

    all tnx goes to Alex Newman


      Ok I've deleted ScoutClassName=UTGame.UTScout and it still doesn't work for me. Is it working for anyone else?


        Originally posted by DragonSpawn View Post
        Really hope Epic has noticed this >_> Would hate for the issue to still be present in the next build.
        Agreed. Actually, I have to admit, I would laugh if Landscapes released without pylons working... then I would die on the inside. I would like to know if this is also a problem in the December source build. I am going to ask via the UDN mailing network. We have not switched to it at work, but it would be terrible it it had the same issues.

        Has anyone figured out a work around for this yet in the UDK, other than not switching to December and hoping that January has a fix? I attempted to delete the ScoutClass from the DefaultEngine.ini and recompile, didn't work (not sure why that would, but it was worth a shot).


          Okay, so I figured out a workaround. I have deleted the ScoutClass and recompiled. Still didn't work. Attempting to use clean build with same solution, fixed it. However, it is still finicky. For those of you attempting to build on terrain, you may still get problems. I suggest you make sure that the Pylon Actor is close to 0 on the Z axis of the world position. I have now idea why this works, but it does. Oddly enough, it will build on the terrain even if the Pylon actor is below it.

          Through further testing, I had this same error in November. It seems as if it is just terrain that has problems. I am wondering if QA on terrain has started to fall, and instead they are trying to push landscapes asap.


            Havent tried with later builds, still running with 09 here, but so far as terrain goes, i find that pylons like to be on as flat and as open a piece as you can find, then transform-> align to a 16 grid, then press 'end' to snap them to the floor.
            To speed up iterations on placement if they need tweaking still, shrink the mesh generation size right down to like 256uu so it will build really fast, and rebuild only that pylon until it works. After that you can bump up the mesh radius again and it will still work.
            Hope that helps some, anyway- I'm working on Battlefield sized maps here with little pain.


              Those navmesh pylons are still a bit finicky... February 2011 build.

              Even on a completely flat BSP with 3 static meshes (my test level), it took some moving up and down of the pylon to get mine to work. But I'm grateful it does, navmesh beats dinkering around with pathnodes any day imho.