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Skydomes and Paths?

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    Skydomes and Paths?

    Hey there, I'm new to using UDK and I have a rubbish computer so basically I need a bit of help. Bear with me.

    Okay I'm using UDK December 09 and I've encountered a few problems. I can make a terrain area, change the shape and material, place vehicles etc.

    My first problem is making skydomes. As far as I understand I make a light point, add the sky I want and Make the diameter of it larger than the map. However, I can see a gap between the sky and terrain that I can walk out into and fall out of the map. How do I fix the sky around the map and stop things from being able to leave the terrain?

    My second problem. When I test the terrain in the game I get two messages at the side saying that the light and pathways need to be fixed. How do I sort this because I can't find the right tutorials.

    Sorry for my newbishness, and thanks for any help.

    Well, for keeping something from falling off the map, surround it with Blocking Volumes.
    Those two messages mean you need to build lighting and paths. Simply click build all ( on the top toolbar, on the right side, you will see a little icon with a cube and a lightbulb ).


      Thanks dude.

      Edit: I tried building paths and lights but an error message came up saying the map should have killZ sets...

      How do I fix this?


        Edit / World Properties / Zone Info - KillZ and type in some value.


          Thank you.