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Adding a texture to my world

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    Adding a texture to my world

    Hi everyone,

    i've got another basic question. Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

    I'm looking to import a texture into UnrealEd. How would I then attach this texture to say, a wall?

    Sorry if this is a bit basic, but I'm a noob at UnrealEd (only been working on it for a few days )

    Thanks for your help.


    Make a material with the texture you imported, hook up the texture to Diffuse, then you can drag the material onto the surface, or select the material then right-click on the surface and set the material.


      Exactly what mktwo said. A little bit more info on the subject.
      A texture is just an image/picture. It can't be directly used in the engine, while a material is a compilation of textures, abbtribuites that can be directly used in the engine.
      I'm willing to help out more if you have problems making your own material
      Hope this extra info helps,


        Also, you might need to save the package with the material before playing the game, because if you don't, it might not show up.

        PS: with dragging/selecting the material, I mean from/in the contentbrowser!