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Restarting Streamed Levels

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    Restarting Streamed Levels

    Our team is using level streaming to do checkpoints such that checkpoints are at the beginning of each streaming level, so that each streaming level can be reloaded if the player dies during it.

    This has been working great in the past, but since updating to the October UDK build (haven't updated to November yet), this checkpoint system doesn't work correctly.

    What we had been doing is unloading and then reloading the streaming level through Kismet. This would have the effect of resetting the streaming level to its original state. But after doing some testing, this no longer seems to be the case - unloading and reloading a streaming level does not reset the level, so any changes the player made are still there after respawning.

    So, I'm curious whether there was some big change in the last update, if there's any way to make this work, or if maybe there is a better way to handle the reloading of streamed levels than what we are doing.

    Just to make this post complete. It works with the kismet note "Force Garbage Collection" between unload and load of the streamed level.