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UDK can't find level package

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    UDK can't find level package

    I have a persistent level that has two other levels loaded in at different times through kismet. When the game starts, I load in Level 1 immediately and the player runs through this no problem. At a certain point, the player is locked in a room for a moment, during which I unload Level 1 and load in Level 2. This works totally fine as it currently is, but as soon as I rebuild and try to save all the level packages, UDK says it cannot find my second level.

    This prevents me from testing the game, since it is required to save in order to play. I tried to have UDK try to trace the chain of references back to the level, but it always fails.

    Strangely enough, the level streaming block in Kismet says there are no problems, and I can see the level in the editor. All changes made are transferred from the individual level file to the persistent level file that streams in and holds all the levels just fine. The only problem I'm having whatsoever is that from the Persistent level, I cannot save Level 2, and thus cannot have a complete game since I can't rebuild.

    Is there a way I can manually set the references? Any solution would be helpful.

    So I figured out what was causing the problem but I still don't know how to fix it. For some reason, whenever I assign a jump pad a target (path nodes) it tells me that:

    Graph is linked to object UDKJumpPadReachSpec Persistant_Level_02.UDKJumpPadReachSpec_49 (PathList) in external map package

    This only occurs when I have a jump pad that has a target. As soon as I remove the target from the pad, everything works fine. Is this a bug or is there some way to fix this?

    Also, upgrading to the latest version of UDK isn't a realistic option for me right now, as that would require making a lot of changes to Unrealscript and moving packages and such. This may solve the issue, but as this project is due soon and there is much work to be done, I don't have the time to spare.