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Create a breakable wooden crate and his collisions

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    Create a breakable wooden crate and his collisions

    Hi, I'm trying to create a wooden crate where the player/pawn can break it.
    I've created 6 faces for every side, but I don't know how to recreate UCX collision exactly. Should I do a collision for every side or I can do one collision?

    The crate should contain a decoration/object, so when the player break the crate, he can put the object into his inventory.

    Other question: the crate should have a physic properties, so it can interacts with the environment. How can I do that?

    Are the sides fractured static meshes? If nothing else you could just kismet/matinee your own "destroy crate" animation after it takes x amount of dmg. I've had to do that for some stuff. I'm not exactly a pro at UDK yet, but figured I'd see if this might help you :P


      How about turning your crate into a fractured mesh, and using the UDK's Dop collision?

      To get physics properties, you can turn your crate into a Kactor.

      I'm not sure about the item, but perhaps when your crate is destroyed, that would trigger the spawning of the item from kismet or script.


        I converted the static mesh in Kactor but it isn't destroyable.
        I've create a fracturable mesh but UDK can't convert into a Kactor. What's wrong?