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Please Help me with my plans...

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    Please Help me with my plans...

    So... I just experimenting around and i want to do these thing but i don't know how...:

    1)The RigidBody(Kactor) will in bigger speeds(of moving) kill/damage an enemy...

    2)You will press on key on keyboard and you will still firing(or something else) like when you hold left mouse buton...(and when press again, you will stop firing)

    3)The bots will shoot only others bots, but not me(player)...

    4)Make the material blinking between darker and lighter of color(not black and white, but what color i want)

    I think i found a bug or something... I imported nice box and everything works well(collision, shadows, material, etc)... But when i will do bigger point of RigidBodies, the collision will be toggled off... You can run throught the RB, shot thought them.... But when i have about 20 RB it works still good...

    Next there i have only question(i don't want know how to do it)... Is possible to don't have any character, but only use mouse (for game controling, not for controling the character)?

    Thanks for all help