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Collision and Texturing

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    Collision and Texturing

    Hey guys.
    First of all I´m a total noob in UDK (and by the way german, so sorry for my language)

    So what I´m trying to do is import some static meshes from Google Sketch Up. I´m normally only using Sketch Up to model some really simple stuff. However when I import the mesh into UDK it has no collision. I found out how to make this kind of simplified automatic collision but it often doesn´t really do a good job.
    I read already something about how to do it but I didn´t understand it...
    So I´m asking you guys what an easy way is to make collisions for static meshes manually.
    Another thing is that I´m not really sure how to make multiple textures onto one Static Mesh :S Is it even possible?

    So thanks for all you answers


    (Please don´t just say what to do because I have no Idea how to do all of this stuff. An explanation where things are would be great! I´m already familiar with some simple stuff from the tutorials)

    Both of these are fairly simple to achieve.

    First, the collision meshes for your mesh object. If it is fairly complex, try using several simple box meshes, surrounding the areas where you need collision. When you have all your Box meshes in place around your mesh object, rename them all to UBX_your_mesh. So for eg : if you have a mesh that is named "MyMesh", than all the box meshes that will act as a collider need to be named UBX_MyMesh. Than export all the meshes as your final mesh, and import to UDK.

    As for multiple materials on one Mesh, this can be accomplished easily (if your using 3ds max) by choosing the material type *Multi-SubObject* instead of using the standard material. Eah material you assign to the Multi Sub Object material will be considered its own element on the mesh, when imported into UDK. All you need to do is reassign the different materials in UDK to the meshes material elements.

    Hope this helps.


      Thanks for your answer!


        No problem, hope it sorted out the issues for ya!