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proble with free 3er person CAMERA and TRIGGERS

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    proble with free 3er person CAMERA and TRIGGERS

    Hey friends...

    I have a problem whith the CAMERA and TRIGERS.

    I change the Camera view to free 3erd person, and i have my own animations, pawn, controll, etc...

    well, here my problem:

    the TRIGERS don´t work with the change!!!

    Anybody knows why? where is the problem?...
    I need your help!!!

    thanks, and sorry my english again!

    see you

    Does your pawn have collision?


      i am not sure, but if I set another game type (like first person, etc) the trigger works... but when i play in my custom game type (free 3er person) the triggers dondt works...



        this is the problem.

        anybody help me? Thanks again


          You're probably doing something in your code you shouldn't or you are forgetting something. Don't forget to call base functions like PostBeginPlay if you override it.

          Post the code if you want to let us have a look at it more in depth.


            class CustomGame extends UTDeathmatch;


            PlayerControllerClass=Class'SATSCGameScript.Custom PlayerController'



            class CustomPlayerController extends UTPlayerController;

            state PlayerWalking
            ignores SeePlayer, HearNoise, Bump;

            event NotifyPhysicsVolumeChange( PhysicsVolume NewVolume )
            if ( NewVolume.bWaterVolume && Pawn.bCollideWorld )

            function ProcessMove(float DeltaTime, vector NewAccel, eDoubleClickDir DoubleClickMove, rotator DeltaRot)
            if( Pawn == None )

            if (Role == ROLE_Authority)
            // Update ViewPitch for remote clients
            Pawn.SetRemoteViewPitch( Rotation.Pitch );

            Pawn.Acceleration = NewAccel;

            function PlayerMove( float DeltaTime )
            local vector X,Y,Z, NewAccel;
            local eDoubleClickDir DoubleClickMove;
            local bool bSaveJump;
            local Rotator DeltaRot, ViewRotation, OldRot, NewRot;;

            if( Pawn == None )

            class CustomPawn extends UTPawn;

            var bool bFreeLookMode;

            var AnimNodeAimOffset AimNode;

            simulated function SetCharacterClassFromInfo(class<UTFamilyInfo> Info)
            local UTPlayerReplicationInfo PRI;
            local int i;
            local int TeamNum;
            local MaterialInterface TeamMaterialHead, TeamMaterialBody, TeamMaterialArms;
            local SkeletalMesh JugadorMesh; //skin del jugador

            local PhysicsAsset JugadorPhy; //fisica del jugador
            local AnimSet JugadorAnim[20]; // Animacion del jugador *No aplicado aun, checar arrays en Unreal Script

            //The path to the skeletal model you want to use:
            JugadorMesh=SkeletalMesh'SH_pack1.player.James_Ske letalMesh';

            JugadorPhy=PhysicsAsset'CH_AnimCorrupt.Mesh.SK_CH_ Corrupt_Male_Physics';
            JugadorAnim[0]=AnimSet'CH_AnimHuman.Anims.K_AnimHuman_AimOffset' ;

            PRI = GetUTPlayerReplicationInfo();

            if (Info != CurrCharClassInfo)
            // Set Family Info
            CurrCharClassInfo = Info;

            // get the team number (0 red, 1 blue, 255 no team)
            TeamNum = GetTeamNum();

            // AnimSets
            Mesh.AnimSets = Info.default.AnimSets;

            //Apply the team skins if necessary
            if (WorldInfo.NetMode != NM_DedicatedServer)
            Info.static.GetTeamMaterials(TeamNum, TeamMaterialHead, TeamMaterialBody);

            // 3P Mesh and materials
            //SetCharacterMeshInfo(Info.default.CharacterMesh, TeamMaterialHead, TeamMaterialBody);
            SetCharacterMeshInfo(JugadorMesh, TeamMaterialHead, TeamMaterialBody);
            // First person arms mesh/material (if necessary)
            if (WorldInfo.NetMode != NM_DedicatedServer && IsHumanControlled() && IsLocallyControlled())

            class CustomCamera extends GamePlayerCamera;

            var Vector CurrentCamLocation;

            var Rotator CurrentCamRotation;

            var float DesiredTurn;

            var(FollowCam) float FollowCamDist;

            var(FollowCam) Vector FollowZOffset;

            var(FollowCam) Vector CamLookOffset;

            var(FollowCam) float TurnRateRatio;

            function UpdateViewTarget(out TViewTarget OutVT, float dt)


            local CameraActor CamActor;

            local Vector HitLocation, HitNormal;

            local Actor HitActor;

            // Default FOV on viewtarget

            OutVT.POV.FOV = DefaultFOV;

            // Viewing through a camera actor

            CamActor = CameraActor(OutVT.Target);

            if( CamActor != None )


            // In LD cinematic!

            CamActor.GetCameraView(dt, OutVT.POV);

            // Grab aspect ratio from the CameraActor

            bConstrainAspectRatio = bConstrainAspectRatio || CamActor.bConstrainAspectRatio;

            OutVT.AspectRatio = CamActor.AspectRatio;

            // CameraActor wants to override the PostProcess settings

            CamPostProcessSettings = CamActor.CamOverridePostProcess;

            // Set my variables to account for current targeting

            CurrentCamLocation = OutVT.POV.Location;

            CurrentCamRotation = OutVT.POV.Rotation;


            // Give Pawn Viewtarget a chance to dictate the camera position

            else if( Pawn(OutVT.Target) != None && Pawn(OutVT.Target).CalcCamera(dt, OutVT.POV.Location, OutVT.POV.Rotation, OutVT.POV.FOV) )


            // If this ever happens send me an email!

            `log("NOTICE ME: No idea when this happens!");

            CurrentCamRotation = OutVT.POV.Rotation;

            CurrentCamLocation = OutVT.POV.Location;


            // Finally, we can make our own camera!



            switch( CameraStyle )


            case 'FollowCam':

            RotationUpdate(OutVT, dt);

            FollowCamTarget(OutVT, dt);



            // *********************************************

            HitActor = Trace(HitLocation, HitNormal, CurrentCamLocation,

            OutVT.Target.Location, false, vect(12,12,12));

            if (HitActor != none)

            CurrentCamLocation = HitLocation;

            OutVT.POV.Location = CurrentCamLocation;

            OutVT.POV.Rotation = CurrentCamRotation;


            // Lets LDs do shake and whatnot

            ApplyCameraModifiers(dt, OutVT.POV);


            function RotationUpdate(TViewTarget OutVT, float dt)


            local Vector fromTarget;
            local Vector desiredDir;
            local float currAngle;
            local float desiredAngle;
            local Vector CamNoZ;
            local Vector TargetNoZ;

            CamNoZ = CurrentCamLocation;
            CamNoZ.Z = 0.f;
            TargetNoZ = OutVT.Target.Location;
            TargetNoZ.Z = 0.f;

            fromTarget = CamNoZ - TargetNoZ;

            if(fromTarget.X != 0) currAngle = Atan(fromTarget.Y / fromTarget.X);
            else currAngle = Pi/2;
            if(fromTarget.X < 0 ) currAngle -= Pi;

            desiredAngle = currAngle + DesiredTurn / TurnRateRatio;

            desiredDir.Y = Sin(desiredAngle);
            desiredDir.X = Cos(desiredAngle);

            CurrentCamLocation = OutVT.Target.Location + (desiredDir*VSize(fromTarget));


            function FollowCamTarget(TViewTarget OutVT, float dt)


            local Vector toTarget;

            local Vector CamNoZ;

            local Vector TargetNoZ;

            CamNoZ = CurrentCamLocation;

            CamNoZ.Z = 0.f;

            TargetNoZ = OutVT.Target.Location;

            TargetNoZ.Z = 0.f;

            toTarget = TargetNoZ - CamNoZ;

            toTarget = Normal(toTarget);

            CurrentCamLocation = toTarget * -FollowCamDist + OutVT.Target.Location + FollowZOffset;

            toTarget = OutVT.Target.Location - CurrentCamLocation;

            CurrentCamRotation = rotator(toTarget + CamLookOffset );











            I thing that the problem is in Custom.Camera or maybe in other code about CustomImput.
            class CustomInput extends UTPlayerInput within CustomPlayerController;

            var(MG_Input) float turnRate;
            var bool bMoveLocked;
            var float HotSpotRadius;
            var Rotator currCamRot;
            var Vector oldJoy;

            event PlayerInput( float DeltaTime )


            local Vector move, facing, joy;
            local float moveDeltaAbs;
            local Rotator rot, camRot, playerRot;


            move.X = aStrafe;
            move.Y = aForward;
            move.Z = 0.f;

            facing.x = aForward;
            facing.Y = aStrafe;
            facing.Z = 0.f;

            joy.X = RawJoyRight;
            joy.Y = RawJoyUp;

            moveDeltaAbs = Abs(joy.Y - oldJoy.Y) + Abs(joy.X - oldJoy.X);


            if( ( move.X != 0.f || move.Y != 0.f ) && moveDeltaAbs < HotSpotRadius )

            bMoveLocked = true;

            currCamRot = CustomCamera(PlayerCamera).CurrentCamRotation;
            oldJoy = joy;

            else if(aTurn != 0.f || moveDeltaAbs > HotSpotRadius)


            bMoveLocked = false;
            oldJoy = joy;

            playerRot.Yaw = Rotation.Yaw;
            camRot.Yaw = currCamRot.Yaw;

            move = TransformVectorByRotation(camRot, move, true);
            move = TransformVectorByRotation(playerRot, move, false);
            aForward = move.Y;
            aStrafe = move.X;

            facing = TransformVectorByRotation(camRot,facing,false);
            if( move.X != 0.f || move.Y != 0.f )
            rot = RInterpTo( Rotation, Rotator( Normal(facing) ), DeltaTime, turnRate );
            else bMoveLocked = false;

            CustomCamera(PlayerCamera).desiredTurn = aTurn;
            aTurn = 0.f;



            bMoveLocked = true
            turnRate = 6.f
            HotSpotRadius = 0.25f
            bLockTurnUntilRelease = false

            this last code abou CustomINPUT is not in use in this moment in my game. (only use now: THE FIRST 4: Game, Camera, Pawn and Controller. I erased it (CUSTOMINPUT) because dont worked properly.

            any other idea?


              anybody knows any about my problem?
              please i need your help!

              I tried with custom Physic assets, but nothing...

              I inserted in my CustomPawn Code thisline, in default properties:
              Begin Object Name=CollisionCylinder
              End Object
              but nothing again... i can change collisionRadius and Heigh, but nothing with the triggers...


              thanks for yor time!


                This may have already been tried but have you turned off the settings in the Kismet trigger that says "Aim To Interact."?


                  yes, that is not the problem... anyway, i try first with trigger_touch...

                  thanks... and, please, i am desesperated!

                  see you!


                    I´ve change my custom mesh to CH_LIAM_Cathode.Mesh.SK_CH_LIAM.Cathode, and nothig again... It´s not a problem to my custom mesh... so, where is the problem!!!

                    help friends!!!!!