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[Terrain Editing Help] using slope min/max and multi detail materials [solved]

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    [Terrain Editing Help] using slope min/max and multi detail materials [solved]

    Hey Gents.

    Irontaxi here. Intro. Have worked on alot of different mods and engines over the past years and have alway had a soft spot for unreal so decided to come back to it and see what I can do with its newest incarnation.

    SO. doing fine so far. quick screen shot of terrain


    PROBLEM:I have successfully applied my primary overlay material (1:1 real world image) to the terrain as well as a detail material. No problem as you can see.

    I then added 2 additional detail materials to the terrain layer setup hoping to utilize the max/min slope features and have the detail materials on the terrain according to those settings.

    But despite my best efforts I can't get the other 2 detail layers applied to the terrain. It simply doesnt apply the secondary and third detail materials.

    I have included a screen shot of the layer setup. If anyone could offer any insight it would be much appreciated. I know its something I'm just not understanding fully.

    btw. each material applies error free in isolationon the terrain.


    much appreciated.


    You must have applied the Materials to the same Layer you want to create a layer per material.


      yeah tried that too. but maybe have a go at that again.(its quite possible I had something else not set properly the first time I tried multi terrain layers.



        This is interesting.. from the documentation.. 0 = 0 1 =45degrees etc...

        Min/MaxSlope - Used in procedural terrain texturing. Clamps this material to being rendered if terrain angle is within limits set in properties.

        Most properties are the same as Min/MaxHeight.

        Base in this case refers to the angle of the slope. 0 is 0 degrees, 1 is 45 degrees, scaling up to 90 degrees being infinity.



          Settings under min/max slope. Use values 0 - 2 to determine angle.

          image of the results. Pretty good