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Atomic(Nuclear) Bomb

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    Atomic(Nuclear) Bomb

    I am outling what will be required to create a convinicing 'small scale' atomic bomb, so I looking for some ideas or feedback from the community.

    My thoughts...

    a movable point light that is attached to the 'bomb' device
    when the bomb detontaes: crank the brightness up to 100 in less than a second then slowly fade down (with dynamic shadows and lightshafts)

    a spherical mesh plane with a translucent or additive material applied that is also attached to the bomb that scales out from the center simulating the shockwave

    a circular particle system that follows behind the mesh simulating ground dust and debris

    a radialforce actor that has its radius changed over time via kismet to match the 'shockwave' static mesh

    (does a radial force actor affect speedtrees?)

    a bunch of kactors / movers in the scene to be blown away! WOOT

    Anyway, Im just looking for any advice or tips from the community


    Try messing around with post-pro effects. Turn up bloom and maybe weirdly change the saturation. Add some camera shake to increase the intense situation...


      Check out this tutorial for the free 3d app Blender, could export straight out into UDK with custome shaders that you have to create,good little tut though.