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    Hello has all of UDK will post my creations apart from that the Dragon is taken as a free 3D model from this website will post the massively images

    This Web Site Model Free Stuff (Dragon)


    I await your review


      It's still the same as your last post (the map and the response)


        Ok as it seems no one gives you tips on how to make it better. Then let me be the first

        - The upper Walls on Pic 1 & 3:
        Are way to repeative, thats something you have to avoid wherever you can inside a map!

        - The Plants Pic 1 & 2:
        The Plants are all the same and facing in the same direction try to rotate them at least, to get a feel of randomness.

        - The Rooms in general:
        Are way to geometrical try to break long walls with something like a pillar or other irregular things.

        - The terrain:
        Is too flat bring in some decent hills or hollows. And those mountain spike in the back looking horrible, try to smooth them out with the smooth-tool!!

        -The roof of the circle in Pic 5:
        Looks **** flat, make it bigger and bring on some variations like hanging ivy or something like this.

        Your paths between the buildings:
        Look horrible straight, remove those plants or at least remove some of them and use the terrain paint-tool to paint your paths. Make them less straight and bring in some variations.

        -The Lighting:
        Seems white! The UT Engine has one of the most impressive lighting-systems that currently exists so try to use it! A proper lighting has a massive impact on how your scene will look!

        I could go further but i will stop here.
        So as you could see the mistakes that you make are fixable, simple try to watch out for repeative spots and stop thinking in fixed dimensions or geometrical forms.
        If you walk around in the real world keep your head up and look on walls, plants, paths simple everything that could catch attention and you will see theirs a massive ressource for references right in front of your door.

        Hope it helps.