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How do I play a reversed door sound in matinee?

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    How do I play a reversed door sound in matinee?

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know how to play an entirely new door reverse sound in matinee? I got my fist open door sound in nice on a sound track referencing my sound cue, but I want it to play my reverse door sound on the reverse animation.

    I have tired adding a second cue track and putting "play on reverse" in the properties to true for this track but it puts it behind my first key outside of my loop?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


    I think that its much more easy to play the sound using kismet. For example player touches
    trigger ->Play oppening sound

    matinee completed->reverse->reversed->play closed sound

    You can optionally play sound when matinee completed.

    Hope this helps you.


      Use an interpactor or a mover (it's the same) for your door and go to the properties, you will find sounds properties made for this purpose in interpactor properties section.


        Ok guys Ill try this, but, i wouldn't mind playing both sounds the same matinee sequence but ill give it a go.


          Thanks Quantum State I used your method to play the reverse door sound using a play sound event and my sound cue variable node in Kismet.
          Cant help thinking this is the long way of doing it though.

          Mavman can you be a bit more specific? I couldn't find the properties you were referring to.

          Many Thanks


            Really? Select your interpActor and press F4, you will find.


              I just spent hours rigging up 40 doors for my level yesterday. ill post the picture bellow is how i had mine set up for opening doors.

              hope this helps.