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    Lighting Issues

    First of all, Hi!

    I'm having a trouble with my FlashLight.

    This was the first issue I found: When I aim to terrain with my flash light, one side gets iluminated, other not, this issue I fixed removing the Normal Map.

    Now I'm having an issue with my bridge, it's not what I want, I want to the light spot to complete iluminate, but there's some black shadows or something in the top of the bridge that the light can't appear.

    I already tried removing the Normal Maps from the bridge too, but it's not working :/

    Here are the screenshots:

    Thanks and sorry for my English ^^

    Well your lighting needs to be rebuilt that can cause problems even for dynamic lighting.


      Thanks for the reply.

      I tried rebulding the lights, but that's not the problem, still getting this issue

      I will appreciate any kind of help, thanks!


        Do you have "Accept dynamic lights"set to true ? Or try converting the bridge to a mover that works better most of the time


          Accept Dynamic Light is set to True and I tried converting to mover but no good results, I think there is something wrong with the faces, but I really don't know the problem :/

          Thanks for the reply, looking for more help, if anyone knows the issue, let me know too !