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Camera for 3rd person platformer issues

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    Camera for 3rd person platformer issues

    Hi guys.

    I'm trying to make a 3rd person platformer game (kinda in the style of Super Mario 64) and I can't get the camera to act right.

    I went into Kismet and linked the camera to the player but if I want the player to be directly infront of the camera facing forward, it always moves off to the left or something.

    If I set the player start object to face a different way than forward, it'll work.. the controls will just be off.

    I also want to make it so that the mouse no longer rotates the camera... or if it does rotate the camera, it centers around the player.

    Sorry, I'm pretty new to the UDK so I dont' know all the ins and outs of Kismet. People say you need UnrealScript to do this, but someone else said you could do everything in Kismet that you can do in UnrealScript.

    I guess the issue is that I just don't konw where to get started with setting up this camera.

    Now before you count me off as a total n00b, I did go look in the UDN at the camera settings... but then the problem is that I can't find these settings. I got them from this page.

    When I select the camera ans press F4, none of those settings discussed come up (like General and FOV and stuff) I looked in Kismet in the camera and it's not there either.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    That page is for setting up a custom player camera in UnrealScript, which is the proper way to go about this. It doesn't cover CameraActors or Kismet. That is why you won't see any of the properties.



      I guess I better start learning unreal script... hmmm Guess I can't get away.

      Would unreal script also be the proper way to have the playerpawn act differently? (for example have them do tripple jumps and stuff)


        Yeah and If you should look through the playercontroller classes to try and find bDoubleJump; and this should point you to the right direction. There are alot of tutorials on thirdperson view. depending on your needs it might be a simple as setting bBehindView true and changing cameraScale to move it further back which you could possibly do in kismet.


          Ah ok... hmmm Since I'm new, I'm still not sure how to get into the actual classes and mess withthem. Oh well, I'll figure it out. Thanks for your guidence.