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How can I make scorpion slip on the ice?

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    How can I make scorpion slip on the ice?

    To every one in this forum

    How do you do?

    Let's suppose that Player is driving scorpion now.

    When scorpion runs on ice, I want to make scorpion slip on ice.
    I want to make that player can not control scorpion, just like that scorpion is out of control (= randomly moving, rotating, not stopping ...).

    I used a static mesh as ground with physical material of ice, but scorpion does not slip. It runs and stops just like it is on normal ground.

    I could make this type of slipping effect on ice for KActor.

    However, it does not work for scorpion.

    How can I make scorpion slip on ice?

    Any comments are appreciated.

    From akd23x


    it appears this feature of the scorpion has been broken for at least the last 2 udk releases.
    it also means the wheel partacle effects dont work either

    its done with native functions so we cant fix it ourselves unless we code it from scratch.

    please fix it epic please


      To tegleg

      Thank you for your reply.

      I thought that I did not know how to do it for scorpion.

      I will wait until the function works properly.

      Sincerely yours.

      From akd23x


        You could try using a physics volume and setting the ground friction to .00005 or some really low number. I've done this in an ice cave map to simulate slipping.


          yo Weveran a physics volume is a good solution and has given me an idea.

          the water volume works for changing the wheel partacle effect, so i could make my own volumes for the different surfaces using the water volume as a template.
          would be much easier if it worked with materials like its supposed to but i doubt its at the top of their to fix list (if theyr even bothering with one that is).


            Funny detail: In UE2 did you move in the opposite direction if you had the friction very very high. Wonder if it's still possible..

            But actually should friction be a thing that the KActor or whatever handles itself. They also have some kind of friction, but afair it doesn't work like the Volume's friction.