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Question: Resetting Matinee

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    Question: Resetting Matinee

    I've been running into an issue with some kismet sequences, specifically matinee.

    I'm designing a platforming level which includes many platforms which fall away when the player stands on them. This was handled with a simple matinee which moved the platforms down once the player stepped on a trigger volume which encloses the platforms.

    My problem is arising when I want to have these matinee sequences resest themselves. For example, if a player were to die, all the falling platforms would need to reset to their original positions. Right now, the way I'm handling it is simply having the matinees reverse themselves upon player death. This causes an issue when the player restarts at a checkpoint and can literally watch the fallaway platforms move up to their original start positions.

    I need to find a way to have the platforms snap back instantly to their original positions for when the player dies. If anyone has some insight or suggestions they could lend, it would definitely be much appreciated.

    Instead of using the same animation reversed on player death, make a new matinee animation using the same objects and do a one-frame animation back to the original position for a snap effect. Then instead of using the original matinee for the player-death sequence, just use the new one.


      I'm having some trouble getting that setup to work as you describe. I've got the separate matinee all set up and everything, but it doesn't ever get triggered. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of the kismet sequence you're describing?


        Originally posted by sulphix View Post
        ...Could you perhaps post a screenshot of the kismet sequence you're describing?
        It would be better if you post yours.

        There is another way if you prefer to use the reverse system (but I think Graylord's idea is cleaner):

        The point is a reset input, and/or a "reset when stopped" option would be more than welcome on the matinee node...


          Dude, thanks a ton for that. I've been implementing it throughout my level and so far everything is now working as intended. Much appreciated.