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Can i use my own lightmaps pre-rendered with MentalRay?

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    Can i use my own lightmaps pre-rendered with MentalRay?

    Hi, Can i use my own lightmaps baked with mental ray?

    I'm traying to get some lightmass with UDK but i dont get good result. All maps are dirt.

    What is the best setting for light good a scene? no matter the time rendering

    Here is a directional light, with staticMesh UVs flatten in a second channel, size 1024. And production quality!!! :O i'm using volumenImportant

    What can i do for better results?

    This is what i want to use my own lightmaps rendered with mental ray. Is it possible?


    Yeah, what you would do is use Render to Texture to render the shadow maps, and then you would use Multiply with your material in UDK with your shadow map set to multiply your diffuse map.


      This subject has been discussed a long time ago for UT3 and the short answer is: you can't. The engine doesn't support external lightmaps like the U2K4 did. Thought, in UDK you could use the custom code in the material editor to make it work efficiently.

      Note, that lightmaps are material based and therefore you need as many materials or material instances, as many mesh instances you got on the scene. It should be fine if you need it for a single object but otherwise it will be a pain.

      Second, check the quality, because at the end of the day it may turn out, that udk provides same quality like the mental ****.


        So, i can't

        I ask this becouse i see the original lightmaps in the content browser. I'm not be able to modify it


 UV Editing

          This is what the UDN has to say about it.

          You can edit the uvw's of the meshes in Max.

          Here's a trick that has helped me a few times. It doesn't always work when you have a base white color like that, but it sometimes helps.
          If you're not using a normal map on your wall, use one. If you want a flat wall with no normals, just use a flat normal map. If you make a normal map texture that is a solid 128,128,256 then you have a normal map to define a flat surface. Adding that to my solid colored flat surfaces has fixed odd shadow issues a few times.


            The 'dirt' as you say - have you tried to modify the lightmass settings in UDK - because it looks like a GI/FG noise.


              My problem is not the UV's.

              Im going to try your trick.



                Here are the last settings of lightmass and the result. I've been triying a lot of settings and quality Light build

                High quality Light build, StaticMesh got 1024 lightmap and there is a DirectionalLight

                Here using your trick Wyldhunt. Much Better, at least got a smooth shadows

                Id' like somethe clear like this from UDN

                What i'm doing wrong?

                Thank you!!


                  That looks like you're getting odd color bleeding.

                  Here's a few settings to play with and see how they change things:
                  Try disabling 'Use Harmonic Lights' (Or something like that...) in World Properties. Or, enable it if it's disabled. It changes how the light/shadows appear.
                  Try disabling Ambient Occlusion in World Properties, Lightmass Settings.
                  Try lowering your diffuse boost in the mesh properties, lightmass settings, for the meshes that are reflecting on to the white surfaces (The wall and roof meshes). You may be able to lessen the strength of the diffuse boost to smooth out the color bleed without getting rid of it all together.

                  I'd try adjusting the Diffuse boost in your meshes properties first.


                    I was trying setting given by KingBadger and this looks much better

                    Thanks you!!