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Mesh particle collision problem

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    Sorry to bump but I'd appreciate some info, at least to know if (and how) it's possible to get the player/particles collisions working.

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    Mesh particle collision problem


    I'ld like to know if mesh particles can have physic interactions with statics, player and rigid body?

    I spend last days on trying setting and can't get correct behaviour: with Mesh Data+Collision module, the mesh center is used for calculating physics instead of the mesh collisions and so half of the particle mesh go through objects before interacting.
    With PhysX Mesh Data + PhysX Particles System, it's possible to set the colliding box size but it give an unique size for each particle independently and don't allow particles size variations.

    In both cases, the particles don't use the mesh own collision, there is no collision with player and particles can't push rigid body objects (rigidbody problem is not the most important for me, but I really need correct interactions with player and static meshes).

    Is there settings to get these interactions or have I to go into script (which should be, with my poor coding skill, an extremely hard task...) ?