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    I want create my custom font to the UDK but I don´t know in which program make it and I don´t know how to import it into UDK. Maybe like the common texture? But in the Material Editor is the "New Font" command but no way how to import the texture. The other thing is how to create the material or something what is needet for this.
    And another thing. When I would like create my custom HUD it is the same like with the fonts or not?

    New Fonts are created from true-type fonts installed on your computer, not from textures. This covers the process:

    Now, once you create a new font using this method, you should be able to export and re-import the textures making up the font. This theoretically means you could replace the automatically created font pages with your own custom ones, but you would need to have all the characters in the same location on the same pages and they would all need to be the exact same sizes as the automatically created ones.