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Paths, Automatic or by Hand?

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    Paths, Automatic or by Hand?

    Hello Community,

    Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to generate or populate paths and cover nodes in unreal?

    Is this something I have to manually do by placing nodes myself and then building paths? Or is there an autogeneration function that will populate the level so far with path nodes?


    UTBot uses pathnodes to navigate, these are usualy placed by hand on the level.
    another way is with the navmesh, to use the navmesh you will have to place pylons by hand on your level. the bot can then use the network it generates to navigate to whatever you tell it to.
    you might be able to spawn pathnodes from script but i would say the code could get really complex very quickly.

    theres lots of examples of ai on this forum, and epic has provided a very basic example ai (although it wont do anything unless you add some code of your own).

    click the Documentation button at the top of the page for more info