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A couple newbie questions (consoles and melee)

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    A couple newbie questions (consoles and melee)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm just getting started on UDK and have a couple questions...

    First of all, is there a way to compile your level or game and burn it to a DVD and have it be playable on a xbox 360? Or is it something where you would have to convert the code to be compatible with the console?

    Secondly, can anyone give some advice or point me in the right direction concerning melee weaponry? Would be much appreciated

    Sorry if these questions are in the wrong section, I figured this would be the best place to start. Thanks in advance!

    I think you need a special license from each particular console to port games over to them. From what I've gathered, UDK doesn't have the permissions itself. As far as melee weapons go, I wouldn't know where to begin myself. Other than you would have to have the coding for them and set the animations up. You could try the tutorials over at UDKC site. They may have something that would help.Heres the link:


      Awesome, thanks for the info!
      Also, if anyone else has any additional input, feel free to do so


        Meele weapons, hand to hand combat, etc, can be made through the weapon system. Hand to hand your pretty much making a weapon that limits max range. The work will be in the animations. If you want multiple ways to hit someone you can do that through firemodes/animation modes.

        If you want to know about meele weaponary feel free to PM me, i can atleast explain basic weaponry. Please do a search on meele weaponry before. It would be a waste for not to, because then you can prepare to have questions to ask.