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Terrain: applying a "general" normal map?

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    Terrain: applying a "general" normal map?

    There is a Normal Map Layer property inside every terrain actor. By default it is set to -1 which according to the actor's comments means that it takes all the normal maps on every material and blends them together to make the terrain's normal layer.

    How would I go about including a large terrain-wide normal map to add a bit more detail when viewing the landscape from distance?

    I tried a transparent layer with the normal map on it, but it just turns black on the terrain. It seems only opaque materials are supported...

    Any ideas welcome.

    Note: I'm not using the supermask technique so I can't add the normal to that.

    Make a pure white material with your normal map, and faff about with the Mapping Scale, (I think that's what it's called), property in the Terrain Material Properties...

    Make it so the scale of the material covers the map, but I dunno what you're gunna do for the diffuse, as it'll blend the white in too harshly...


      Usually, the base layer automatically covers the entire terrain. You can't pick and choose where it'll be. That also makes it a prime choice for your Normal Map Layer.

      You won't need to adjust the Mapping Scale. The Normal Map Layer does all of that for you. When setting it, remember that the Heightmap layer is layer 0. So, the first base layer will be layer 1.

      There's no reason not to make a material that is whatever you would normally use as a first layer anyway and just replace the normal slot of it.

      Just use something that doesn't usually need normals, like dirt. It'll fill with the diffuse and overlay the normal over the entire map.

      If too much dirt is showing through to your lower layers, or if you decide to just use white, you can set the Alpha in the cover layers higher than 1. So, if the color in your grass seems to get blown out by white, just set the alpha in the grass layer to about 10. The white, or dirt, will completely disappear under that layer.


        Won't changing the Normal Map Layer property from -1 to something else prevent all the other normal maps from rendering on the terrain? :S

        I'll try these anyway, thanks!


          Nope. I've been playing with this on my newest map. The Normal Map layers Normal is spread over the entire terrain. The Normals from any layer that layers over it seem to be added to the Normal layers normal so that they blend fairly well.

          Given, I just started playing with this... yesterday.
          So, I may be missing something.
          I'm also using imported alpha layers for all of my terrain layers, but I doubt that would change how the normals act.