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How to make a push button trigger?

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    You would need to place a static mesh down that you want to look like a button. Convert it to a mover (right-click menu) and have whatever animation you want set up in a matinee.

    Then you can place a Trigger down in front of it and(in kismet) set up a new trigger Event for 'use'.

    There are a few video tutorials on kismet at the bottom of this page.

    Alternatively you can check out the demo level that ships with the UDK, if I recall correctly it shows how to 'use/place' a explosive charge.

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  • started a topic How to make a push button trigger?

    How to make a push button trigger?

    Can someone explain to me how to make a trigger look like a button? Or how to make a static mesh button a trigger? I want a visible trigger that I can "use" with the USE key.